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I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor currently providing therapeutic services part-time with Verge Therapy during weekday evening hours. I received my Master’s degree from William James College in 2014 and received my LMHC in 2017. Since then, I have primarily been working with young adults in the college setting including Stonehill College, UMASS Lowell and Emmanuel College. This work has included individual and group therapy to clients during the adjustment from high school/home to independence in college/work.

I am particularly interested in this developmental stage as it can be overwhelming when one explores their relationship with the self, and others (family, romantic partners, friends, etc.) as well as relationships with substances, food, body image etc.

My goal is to provide a safe, compassionate, non-judgmental space for clients to gain an understanding of their thoughts and behaviors that may be affecting their well-being. I use a client-centered approach that will honor each client’s differences in family background, past experiences, racial/gender identity, and sexual orientation. Through building a trusting relationship, I hope to share evidence-based skills with you to manage difficult emotions during this challenging life transition.

In my free time, I do my best to prioritize self-care by spending time outdoors visiting the beach or walking my dog, reading, and traveling whenever possible.

NOUN: The limit or point beyond which something begins or occurs.

VERB: To be in the process of change or transition into something else.

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