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For two or more clinicians seeking supervision and peer feedback. Our Group Supervision service provides a unique and valuable opportunity for professionals to engage in collaborative learning and development within a supportive group setting. Led by experienced and knowledgeable supervisors, our Group Supervision sessions offer a dynamic and interactive platform for professionals to explore their clinical work, share insights, and receive constructive feedback.

During Group Supervision sessions, participants come together as a small group to discuss and reflect on their individual cases, professional challenges, and growth opportunities. The group setting fosters a rich exchange of ideas, diverse perspectives, and mutual support among peers. It creates a safe and confidential space where professionals can learn from one another, gain fresh insights, and broaden their understanding of different therapeutic approaches.

Our skilled supervisors facilitate the Group Supervision sessions, ensuring a structured and productive environment. They guide discussions, encourage active participation, and provide guidance and feedback to each participant. The supervisors offer their expertise, helping group members explore alternative perspectives, identify strengths and areas for improvement, and develop effective strategies to enhance their clinical practice.

Group Supervision offers numerous benefits beyond individual supervision. It provides a broader range of perspectives and experiences, allowing professionals to gain insights from various clinical contexts and approaches.


The collaborative nature of the group setting promotes peer support, connection, and networking among professionals in similar fields. It fosters a sense of community and professional growth, which can be both empowering and enriching.

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