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As an LICSW, I am committed to practicing social justice, and cultural humility, and strengthening one's sense of self-empowerment and support through my social work practice. I have been fortunate to work with clients across the lifespan (from ages 3 to 80+), from diverse cultures and across the world, and a variety of lived life experiences. I have experience helping those with concerns around anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, migration stress, life transitions, grief, interpersonal challenges, and other chronic medical/mental health needs.

Additionally, I have a variety of work-setting experiences, including in both systems (schools, community mental health, international work, and refugee resettlement, and immigration programs) as well as individual, 1:1 work. I incorporate evidence-based practices in my work, drawing on CBT, IFS, psychodynamic theories, relational therapy, and a person-centered approach, while also drawing on humor, compassion, and one's own lived life experiences.

Whether starting therapy for the first time, coming back to therapy, or transitioning to a new therapist, the process can often feel daunting and scary. I value that real change is only possible through developing a trusting therapeutic alliance, and building an open, honest, respectful working relationship. I also appreciate that this is only possible by maintaining a safe, non-judgmental, and compassionate space, and this can take time. I believe in the importance of meeting each individual where they are at in their process of self-discovery and self-growth, honoring that each individual is an expert in their own experience, and aiming to help build upon one's inherent strengths.

I'm honored to be a part of a diverse group of skilled clinicians at Verge Therapy, and look forward to connecting with you when you are ready!

NOUN: The limit or point beyond which something begins or occurs.

VERB: To be in the process of change or transition into something else.

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