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I am a Master's level clinician and I offer in-person and telehealth services. My approach to therapy is encompassed through a holistic lens of healing. I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from the University of Rhode Island and my Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Boston College. My academic experiences allowed me to develop a profound understanding of the intricate and synergistic relationship between the mind and body.

My professional journey involved residential and outpatient settings, providing me with a diverse and comprehensive understanding of the nuances of mental health. I have extensive experience working with a vast demographic, ranging from teens to older adults. I specialize in working with anxiety, depression, identity development, relational issues, and significant life changes. I operate from a relationally based approach, drawing on psychodynamic concepts to understand the impact of early developmental factors that shape our internal framework of relatedness to others and the world.

In my practice, I integrate evidence-based treatment modalities, such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, to provide you with effective and proven tools for navigating life’s challenges. I view clients as the experts in their own lives. My role is to guide and support you on your unique journey towards self-discovery and growth. I embrace a warm, humanistic, and person-centered approach to create a therapeutic space where you feel heard, valued, and empowered.

Embarking on the journey of mental wellness is a courageous step on a path I am committed to walking alongside you. Regardless of where you are in your journey, I will meet you where you are at and help you move to where you’d like to be. I will work with you in co-creating a space that is safe and comfortable for healing. I will support you as we reveal pieces of your life inhibiting you from living the authentic one you desire and deserve.

In my free time, I love reading, cycling, embroidery, or any form of crafting! I love to spend quality time with family and friends. I have 4 horses and 1 dog- I am a huge animal lover. I am happiest in the summer by the beach. I enjoy traveling, exploring new places, and meeting new people.

NOUN: The limit or point beyond which something begins or occurs.

VERB: To be in the process of change or transition into something else.

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